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Italian Charm Links


How many charms/links should I get?
This depends on your wrist size. If you order just 1 link, you'll receive just 1 link. You need more than 15 links to make a bracelet

How many charms do i need?
Measure your wrist size in CM.
___cm + 1 = number of links needed
For example: 16cm - 17 links
*If you dont have a measuring tape, standard size for girls 17 links, for guys 20 links

I can't find the "base" and the lock for the bracelet
You dont need a "base" since the links attached together forms 1 bracelet. There's also no lock since the bracelet is stretchy! 

 Can this get wet? Also in salt water? What's the material?
Our italian charm bracelet are made from STAINLESS STEEL. You can get this wet and use this as your everyday bracelet! And yes, you can definitely use this in the beach! It's hypoallergenic too!

Some links I want are sold out, when will you restock?
Some links are limited. This means that some links will NEVER get restocked so order what you like already because it might not get restocked again! :) 


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