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Stay Cool for The Summer with Solasta’s Bestsellers!

The days are getting warmer, and it’s time to bring out your favorite summer outfits. From bright, bold prints, to breezy and breathable fabrics, there is no shortage of things to wear to stay cool for the summer! Of course, no summer outfit is complete without the perfect accessory. That’s why Solasta’s compiled a list of accessory styling tips you can use to make any outfit pop. 


Here’s how you can pull off any summer outfit with Solasta’s bestsellers.

Keep it light and simple

Sometimes, less is more. This summer, amp up your style with minimalist jewelry. A simple necklace and ring will do wonders in accentuating your outfit. Consider breezy clothes in neutral tones for a more put-together look.

In line with the summer theme, check out Solasta's Alon necklace, which features an image of a wave. Complete your look with Solasta's Classic Ring Band for some bling on your fingers.

Stack ‘em up!

A simple, flowy summer outfit will be taken to the next level with layered jewelry. Look for a combination of chains or styles you think best express your personal style, and rock them during your next beach trip.

Check out Solasta’s Dominique necklace, which pairs chunky with dainty. This killer combo will look great with any get-up. The best part? It's shower-proof, tarnish-proof, and hypoallergenic, too! 

Match loud prints with minimalist jewelry

Summer is the perfect time for you to step out in animal print, florals, or outrageous patterns. While chunky statement pieces are also in, consider accessorizing with minimalist jewelry pieces. These can pull your look together without making it seem like your outfit is over-the-top.

Solasta’s Kirsten bracelet has a dainty and minimalist design, which makes it the perfect complement to your summer outfit. It features two stacked chains, and it can be worn as either a bracelet or an anklet. Match it with a pair of minimalist earrings like Solasta’s 10mm Hoop Huggies, and you’re good to go.


As a bonus, the Kirsten is also hypoallergenic, shower-proof, and non-tarnish. This means you can wear it to your summer outings without having to worry about it fading away! 

Silver is in!

While the past few years have been all about gold jewelry, silver jewelry is making a comeback! Sleek, elegant, and tasteful, silver can shine just as bright as gold does, and it will help you pull off a polished, put-together look that you can rock in just about any summer get-together.

Solasta has a variety of silver jewelry pieces that might tickle your fancy. This diamond studded chain adds just the right amount of sparkle, and it's the perfect ear accessory for those who want to have a statement piece.

The Taylor bracelet is also a sure winner when it comes to silver jewelry. With its delicately braided chain, it's the perfect minimalist silver bracelet to complement your summer outfit.


With these styling tips from Solasta, you'll be cool for the summer. Check out Solasta's catalog here for more ideas!






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